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The Adam's Court Partnership was established in the summer of 2009 amidst some of the most turbulent times in the financial services sector in general and in asset management in particular.  Following the ‘credit crunch’ in 2008 and 2009, it is clear that there will (have to) be some fundamental changes in which the investment sector operates and in which both private and institutional investors aim to generate satisfactory investment returns.  At the same time, it is clear that there are opportunities to do so, and that with amended business models the fund management sector can be well positioned to achieve sustainable income growth in the years to come.

The Adam's Court Partnership is combining the expertise of both executive search and buyside distribution and management expertise. Willem Dudok de Wit has a background in this specific sector and offers an experience of over 30 years in the industry and in executive search.  as a result, Willem offers an unrivalled knowledge of the asset management sector in Europe. 

The Adam's Court Partnership offers many years of experience covering the asset management sector.  ‘Past performance’ is most certainly an indicator of future returns; with an excellent track record and a demonstrable ability to find the right candidate for the often so specific role, the Adam's Court Partnership is well positioned to achieve the desired results for any recruitment challenge.  Being a specialist search firm, the Adam's Court Partnership can offer a ‘consultative’ search solution, working ‘with’ our clients, rather than ‘for’ our clients.